Restory Review 2023: Effortlessly Create Captivating Stories, Reels and Shorts Using Just a Keyword

Want to create videos that will completely wow your audience?
Want to make professional videos without any prior knowledge of video editing?
The time has come for you to step up your video game and create something incredible, and I have the ideal answer for you;

Introducing Restory…

Even if you’ve never used a video editing app, the AI-powered ReStory tool will make you look like a video guru.

The ReStory app can convert any keyword into a fully-designed, high-quality film and does it by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology.

Utilizing ReStory’s URL Story Creator, which automatically scans your website and transforms the material into slides, you can also create videos from your website.




Step 1: Start from 4 Creation Ways

  • Generate Using AI
  • Turn Any URL into Video
  • Select from 150+ Templates
  • Start from Blank Canvas

Step 2: Customize it With Drag-n-Drop Editor

(Completely Optional)

  • 1.5 Million+ Stock Videos and Images
  • 500+ Fonts to Choose From
  • Breathtaking Animations
  • Add Music, Shapes, Icons & More

Step 3: Ready to Publish (Completely Optional)

  • Export as MP4 Video
  • Share as a Web Story
  • Copy, Duplicate and Customize
  • Create for Clients With
  • Commercial License



Video sharing on Social Media

Flexible video creator

4 Automated Way to Start From

  • Let A.I Write 100% Original Content with a word
  • Convert Any Url into Mesmerizing Story with AI Summarization
  • Choose From 150+ Professionally Designed Templates
  • Be Master of Your Own Craft and Start From Scratch

100s of Templates to Start From

  • Professionally Designed Templates with Groups and Themes
  • Ready with Animation, Stock Media and Text Blocks.
  • Fit for Every Niche… Designed By Experts
  • Promo, Information, Learning, Blogging and more, Fit for Every Social Media Goal

Millions Of Stock Media Integrated

  • Stock Videos
  • Stock Images
  • Trending GIFs
  • Animated Stickers

Crop, Resize, Mask & More

  • Modify Images, Videos, Shapes with Quick Customization
  • Crop Any Image or Video
  • Add Filters, Borders and More
  • Mast Any Video or Image Inside Any Shapes

Global Upload Library

Access all of your uploads for current and previous campaigns at one place. Everything organized at a single place, easily accessible.


Visual Pop with Multimedia Support

The Image, Videos, Gifs feature lets you add a variety of media types to your stories, making them more engaging and dynamic. Whether you want to include stunning images, videos, or gifs, our tool has got you covered.

Stand Out with a Wide Range of Fonts

With Unlimited Fonts feature, you can choose from a vast array of fonts to create a unique and visually appealing brand identity. From sleek and modern to playful and fun, our tool has a font to suit every style and tone.

Stickers, Shapes, Icons and more

Enhance your stories with a range of design elements, including stickers, shapes, and icons. Create a unique and visually appealing look with this feature.

Add Some Animation

Our Animation Effects and Animation Configuration features let you add animation to your stories, making them more dynamic and engaging. Whether you want to add some subtle movement or create more elaborate animations, our tool has got you covered.

Drag and Drop

Make Images Pop with Filters

Add special effects to your images with this feature. Choose from a range of filters and overlays to create a cohesive visual aesthetic.

Rearrange Your Story

With our Reorder Slides feature, you can easily rearrange the order of your slides to create a more cohesive and effective story.

Layer Management

Customize and rearrange your layers for a polished look. You’ll be able to fine-tune your stories, ensuring that every element is perfectly placed and aligned.

Encourage Action with CTAs

Our Call to Actions feature allows you to include calls to action in your stories, encouraging your audience to take specific actions, such as visiting your website or purchasing a product.

Free Graphics, Icons & More

Our tool includes a wide range of free graphics, icons, and other design elements that you can use to enhance your stories. From stylish icons to playful graphics, our tool has got you covered.

Undo Mistakes

Our Redo, Undo, Duplicate feature lets you easily refine your stories


Align and distribute elements just like pro tools

Ready to Use Text Blocks

Our Ready to Use Text Blocks feature includes a range of pre-designed text blocks that will save you time and effort when creating your stories. Simply choose the text block that best fits your needs and customize it to your liking – it’s that easy!

Advanced Layer Management

Customize and rearrange your layers for a polished look. Fine-tune your stories to ensure every element is perfectly placed and aligned.


Image Masking

Our Image Masking feature lets you mask or crop your images, helping you create a cohesive and polished look.

Text Styling

Our Text Related Edits feature allows you to customize the appearance of your text, including the font, size, and color.

Multiple Languages

Create stories in multiple languages to reach a wider audience and expand your reach.



Restory is perfect for;


Content Creators


Marketing Agencies



Restaurants and Cafe

Real Estate





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A.I. Story Creator

URL to Story Creator

100+ Templates Included

Drag & Drop Editor

Export as Mp4, GIF or Image

Global Libraries

Animation Effects

Stock Integrations

Ready to Use Text Blocks


Shapes, Icons and more

Multiple Backgrounds

Unlimited Fonts

Image, Videos, Gifs

Free Graphics, Icons Etc

Add Your Custom Audio

Alignment & Distribution

Image Filters and Overlays

Call to Actions

Animation Configuration

Multiple Language

Reorder Slides

Redo, Undo, Duplicate


Unlimited Story Creation

Unlimited Story Export

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlock Premium Fonts

HD Rendering

10 Brand Identities

Faster Video Rendering

Team Access Up to 10 Users

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100+ Video Templates Per Year

High-Converting Video Templates

Hand Crafted by Industry Experts


Whitelabel License To ReVideo

Custom Branding Feature

Custom Domain

Full Whitelabel Client Panel

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Create amazing video scripts using our AI content creator

Instantly create audio to video podcast without even writing a single word

ReVideo AI Edition does all the heavy lifting for you




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