Countdown Hero Review 2023: Create Personalized Urgency Deadlines in 60 Seconds

Countdown Hero

Countdown Hero

Countdown Hero Review: Giving consumers a compelling cause to buy is one of the simplest methods to increase sales from traffic landing on your sales page. And make your purchase RIGHT NOW.

Sure, you can achieve that by modifying, improving, and adjusting your sales page’s copy and general layout…

… alternatively you can simply add a countdown timer to the page.

Everyone understands that when an offer has a deadline, more people pay notice and take action.

That action could be

  • Increased sales
  • More phone calls have been scheduled.
  • There are more applications and registrations.

The list continues on…

The nice part is that there is a new tool to assist you.

Countdown Hero is the name of the hottest conversion booster.

Countdown Hero is a bullet-proof and impenetrable countdown timer that will lock out anyone who shouldn’t have access to your sales page.

It’s the most secure tool on the market that will make you sales AND strengthen the power of your offers by helping you stick to the promises that you make to your subscribers.

Countdown Hero


Choose Your Place: Put Your Countdown Hero On ANY Page Or Website…OR Directly Inside Any Email.

ChooseYour Time: Pick Your Start Time & End Time For Your Timed Offer. 

Choose Your Look: Customize Your Styles, Colors, Fonts & More. 

Choose What to Sell Next: Auto Redirect To ANY Page Or Site Upon Countdown Expiry

Countdown Hero


Countdown Hero

Ultra Persuasive: By including a Countdown Hero timer on your sales sites and emails, your visitors will be able to view a special offer that will expire within a few minutes/hours/days after landing on your page. Perfect for increasing sales, tripwire offers, and upsell earnings.

Ultra Personal: Timer Hero’s automated countdown timers in your emails provide a timed discount or flash sale event for every subscriber – regardless of when they join your email list.

Super Secure: With Countdown Hero’s revolutionary new technology, you can’t get around your countdown clocks by refreshing the page, changing devices, locations, or even wiping cookies. Expired means finished. This creates a genuine sense of urgency to purchase, resulting in sales and bucks in your pocket.

Copy And Paste: Allow your heroic countdown clocks to display on any web page, site, or email. And all it takes is one tiny snippet of code copied and pasted.

Countdowns With Stick N’ Scroll For Ultimate Conversions: Page banners can be used to display your countdown in a sticky banner over the top of your website (just paste a simple snippet anywhere onto the page).

A Simpler App: Simple, visual online software for creating, customizing, and updating countdowns. (Much more straightforward than other countdowns we have ever used).

One Evergreen Timer Creates Urgency For Your Entire Funnel: Create numerous pages for each countdown campaign so you may direct your customers to different offers / variations, upsells, or other funnel items…that will all expire at the same time… And it’s all powered by a single Countdown Hero timer.

Countdown Hero

Perfect For Your Marketing Toolbox: ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Convertkit, Drip, Keap, Kartra, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, and Ontraport are all directly integrated. (In other words, save your Zapier angst).

​Include Personal Sales In Your Emails: Integrate completely animated countdown timers into your emails. Inside those emails, the clock is ticking down to each subscriber’s countdown date, creating a sense of urgency and putting money in your pocket.


Digital Creators: If you sell digital items, memberships, downloadable materials, information, etc…, you are a digital product creator. Your new best friend is Countdown Hero.

Using Countdown Hero with digital products is even more crucial. You can’t just have ‘limited numbers’ of a product, because purchasers see right through that… So, utilize Countdown Hero to give your time-limited offers actual credibility and urgency, and knock those digital purchases out of the park.

You may even run numerous pages, upsells, or entire funnels all with the same Countdown Hero timer.

Ideal for product debuts, upsells, early-bird deals, and much more.

Ecommerce Store Owner: Countdown Hero is an excellent tool for quickly selling new physical products or pushing slow-moving items off the shelf! Make ‘limited quantity’ offerings… Pull end-of-season items from the digital shelf using a timer (and make sure your customers are aware!)

Run limited-time ‘free shipping’ or ‘next day shipping’ promotions…

You may significantly boost the urgency to purchase now by displaying how much time is left before they would miss out on next-day shipping.

Amazon employs this exact strategy to inform customers of how much time remains before they can no longer promise next-day shipment. Wouldn’t you rush to the checkout if you knew you could obtain next-day shipping?

Affiliate Marketer: Countdown Hero can be used to boost the persuasive power of any affiliate offer you run. That is, you can crush campaigns, increase affiliate sales, and win competitions. Increase your conversions by including a Countdown Hero in your bonuses.

Agency or Service Business: During a certain season, such as the holidays, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving, provide a special, discounted rate to your most faithful consumers and count down to the celebrations with more enticement to buy your seasonal bargains using a Countdown Hero.

Local Businesses: Use Countdown Hero to add flash sales and limited-time discounts…

and use your website and emails to get customers into your store.

Countdown Hero


Countdown Hero enables you to put your personal sales timers INSIDE your emails: A study by CXL explains how one brand increased their conversion rate by 332% by using a limited-time offer banner and a countdown timer.

Countdown Hero enables you to put sticky countdown banners showing the time ticking down, on ANY of your sites: ConversionXL found that using a heroic countdown timer to show how much time customers have left to order for next-day delivery increases your conversion rates by almost three times.

A/B split test from ConversionXL: Countdown Hero enables you to put timers on your pages and in your emails pushing your visitors to make the sale TODAY to get delivery tomorrow.

Gets You Faster Sales: Countdown timers are an effective urgency tactic which helps speed up the sales process.

Countdown Hero

Gives You Stronger Prospects: “Deadlines not only prompt a rise in sales, but they also help you wean window shoppers from strong prospects.”

​Increases Your Sales & Makes Your Brand More Desirable: “Done well, scarcity marketing tactics can make your brand more desirable and increase sales.”


​Is More Visually Effective: “People tend to process visuals at a faster rate than words, making the countdown timer more effective than using words alone.”

​Makes Your Prospects Take Immediate Action: The use of countdown timers creates a sense of urgency and persuades customers to take immediate action.”


Makes Your Offer Higher Value: “Humans place a higher value on items they believe are scarce, and a lower value on ones that are in abundance.” 


Gives Your Prospect Less Time To Reconsider: “When there is a clear deadline, time becomes scarce. As a consequence, they feel the pressure to make a decision quickly, and they have less time to consider their choice and possibly talk themselves out of the purchase.

Countdown Hero


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