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SellingLive Review;

Selling Live is an eCommerce personalization platform that makes it possible to do business by buying and selling online.

By turning social media comments into revenue, it also assists firms in managing all facets of any eCommerce operation and enhancing channel sales.

By automatically transporting things and sending bills to your clients following their purchases, SellingLive improves the billing process. On Facebook and Messenger, businesses can use social selling.

How does SellingLive work.

 Boost Your Sales & Profits For Your Products In Just 3 Clicks;


Connect Your Facebook & Shopify Store: Connect your Shopify store to Facebook to have access to everything from a single, centralized dashboard.


Create A Session & Choose Products: Choose the items you want to sell during the LIVE session. Products can be added to or removed from the session at any moment.


Go LIVE & Profit: Orders can be received, managed, and processed directly from your dashboard. Utilize Messenger to engage and convert users with artificial intelligence.

Amazing Features of SellingLive.


Grow Your Online Sales Audience: Selling Live allows you to stream to Facebook for maximum exposure, gathers your audience, and encourages referrals.

Automatically Capture Customer Details: Don’t let a sale pass you by. All customer information is recorded, and the software controls your inventory so you can concentrate on selling.

Stay In Control Of Your Customers And Inventory: Keep your customers and inventory under control.

The integrated SMART automation gathers buyer information and handles incoming orders while you are live-streaming your sales.

In this manner, you maximize your inventory, ensure that no sales are missed, and can create a sales funnel that extends beyond your live sales event to boost conversions.

Organize Your Event: Set a time for going live, add your goods and stock, and utilize our simple streaming setup to start streaming right from your web browser.

No other software is needed.

Organize a Live Sales Event: Selling Live assists you in managing your online store whether you are working alone or with a team by accepting orders, keeping track of your inventory, and interacting with customers.

Remove any out-of-stock items: The Selling Live system automatically removes items that are out of stock, allowing you to concentrate on selling rather than manually tracking order inquiries.

Maximize Impulse Buys: Maintain a brisk off-the-shelf inventory. Pre-categorize products for simple upsells that the system will automatically push after a consumer makes a purchase.

Build A Waitlist: Customers can waitlist unavailable items. The customer gets informed when it is ready to be transported.

Customers may check out swiftly, which will boost your conversion rate!

Automated Invoicing: Instantly and automatically send an invoice through Messenger when a shopper makes a purchase.

Conversational Auto-Replies: Automatically respond to threads with pre-written remarks and/or Messenger to help new customers register, validate that the things were transported, and more.

Make Sales Even With Sound-Off: The Selling Live Overlay will present concise buying guidelines on a sign. Your clients will always know exactly what to input to make a purchase, sound or no sound.

Create FOMO: Humans are sophisticated beings. We evaluate a product’s worth depending on its level of popularity and choose to purchase recommendations from others.

Customers may observe the purchasing patterns of their friends and peers visually thanks to Selling Live. The item’s desirability increases with each “Sale,” which encourages buying frenzy.

Cut down on cart abandonment: Encourage customers to complete their purchases by letting their carts expire. You decide when carts expire. Customers can see the countdown in their carts, and the app will give them alerts when their cart is about to expire.


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Selling Live

Front End Commercial  – Opening day starts at $47.00, after launch price at $67.00:

  • Lifetime access to our core software
  • Hands-Free Sales: Engage & convert audience into customers completely hands-free
  • Boost Engagement: Create Comment Competition, Trigger FOMO & Generate Social Proof
  • Generate Leads: Automatically capture customer details & grow your online sales audience
  • Skyrocket Conversions: Offer special discounts & coupons whenever and on whatever products you choose
  • Nothing to download or install. Fully cloud-based
  • Conversational auto-replies work 24/7 so you don’t have to be there to respond to your customers
  • Increase Revenue: Increase your revenue by processing & accepting orders inside FB Messenger chat
  • LIVE Session: Sell Directly in the Newsfeed, Take full control of your live sales while the app takes care of everything else
  • Shoppable Posts: Turn your text, photo & video posts into sales
  • Multilingual: Supports over 4 popular languages
  • Shoppable image templates ready to be customized
  • Access to Dropmock Editor – similar to Canva
  • Access to exclusive FB group
  • Full support by dedicated and praised support team

OTO 1 – Selling Live Agency – Monthly Plan – $27 month

OTO 1 – Selling Live Agency – Yearly Plan – $197  year

  • Connect Multiple Shopify Stores
  • Selling Live Project Management System
  • Ability to add team members with separate logins to assist you during the session
  • Outsource & Scale Quickly 
  • Create & Manage Client Projects.

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Selling Live

OTO2 – Selling LIVE Premium – One time fee at $67

  • Increase Your Brand Value With Customized Message Templates
  • Send out of stock notifications 
  • Increase Sales & Revenue By Sending Back In Stock Notifications
  • Boost Engagement Using Multiple Messages That Are Triggered Based On Questions & Replies Of Your Audience
  • Cart abandonment notifications to increase conversions by 20%
  • Grow your list with subscribers to stock and cart abandonments
  • New shoppable image template 
  • New shoppable video template 
  • New streaming overlay
  • We over deliver on Content 
  • DropMock Image and Video Editor – customize their exclusive content
  • EXCLUSIVE Content – EXCLUSIVE content  all created in house by our professional videographers and designers that we have curated over the past 6 years. HUGE VALUE! – It is our own in-house content similar to a VideoBlocks 

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Selling Live

OTO3 – Selling LIVE Reseller – One time Fee at $297

  • RESELL Unlimited FE as your own and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to make money selling software products.


What are the necessary skills?

Selling Live is created to be sophisticated yet it is incredibly simple to use. Freshers and experts can make big profits alike without any skills or experience at all! 

Are support & updates available?

Absolutely. Our team of experts is here to solve any queries that you may have. Our auto-updating system does not disturb your live selling yet keeps you on top of the game.

Which OS do I need to operate Selling Live?

Selling Live is 100% hosted on the cloud and can be accessed through any browser on a mac, windows or even your mobile phone. 

How can I get started?

Simply press the button below to watch the magic unfold. 

Is Training Included?

Yes, step-by-step training is included within your purchase to help you accelerate your growth. 

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