Find New Clients and Close More Deals in Under 60 Seconds with the World’s First AI-Powered Lead Finder, CovertLeads AI

Find New Clients and Close More Deals in Under 60 Seconds with the World’s First AI-Powered Lead Finder, CovertLeads AI

Turning website visitors into leads and sales can be tough. 

Many businesses spend a lot of time and money on generic lead magnets that don’t really work, and creating different versions for various target segments can be both expensive and frustrating.

But there’s a better way. 

Covert Leads uses smart technology to tailor content and offers for each visitor. 

This isn’t just another marketing tool; it’s designed to boost engagement and make your lead generation efforts actually effective.

With Covert Leads, you can quickly set up pop-up overlays on your website that increase leads and sales in just minutes. 

It’s perfect for affiliate marketers, SEO experts, bloggers, and anyone looking to grow their business without a lot of extra work. 

Stop wasting time and money—try Covert Leads now and see the results for yourself!

The Problem with Traditional Traffic Monetization

Find New Clients and Close More Deals in Under 60 Seconds with the World’s First AI-Powered Lead Finder, CovertLeads AI

Driving traffic to your website is hard enough, but turning that traffic into leads and sales can be even harder. 

Many marketers invest heavily in various strategies to attract visitors, yet they struggle to convert these visitors into actual customers. 

Here’s why traditional traffic monetisation methods often fall short:

1. Generic Lead Magnets

– Lack of Personalization

Traditional lead magnets are usually designed to appeal to everyone, which means they often don’t resonate with individual visitors. 

This lack of relevance leads to lower engagement and fewer conversions.

– Low Engagement and Conversion Rates

  When visitors don’t find immediate value in a lead magnet, they are less likely to engage with it. This results in fewer leads and sales.

2. High Costs and Time-Consumption

– Expensive and Time-Consuming

Creating multiple versions of lead magnets for different audience segments requires a lot of time and resources. 

This includes costs for content creation, design, and testing, which can strain a business’s budget.

– Impractical for Small Businesses

Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to create and manage multiple lead magnets. 

This limits their ability to effectively target different segments of their audience.

3. Limited Targeting and Customization

– Broad, One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Traditional methods often rely on broad strategies that don’t personalise the user experience. 

This means generic ads and emails that don’t speak directly to the individual needs of visitors, leading to low engagement.

– Poor Resonance with Today’s Consumers

  Modern consumers expect personalised, relevant interactions. Generic messages are easily ignored, resulting in lower click-through and conversion rates.

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What is Covert Leads

Find New Clients and Close More Deals in Under 60 Seconds with the World’s First AI-Powered Lead Finder, CovertLeads AI

It’s a revolutionary web app designed to transform how you engage with your website visitors. 

Covert Leads leverages advanced AI and machine learning to customise pop-up overlays that maximise engagement and conversion rates. 

Here are some core features that make Covert Leads a game-changer:

– Easy Setup: With a simple login process, you can get started within minutes.

– Domain and Autoresponder Integration: Seamlessly connect with various platforms to streamline your lead generation process.

– Customizable Templates: Choose from a variety of built-in, customisable templates to suit your campaign needs.

– Compatibility: Covert Leads works with any website or page builder, making it incredibly versatile.

Stop guessing what your customers need and start using Covert Leads to skyrocket your leads and sales today!

Features Of ConvertLead

Find New Clients and Close More Deals in Under 60 Seconds with the World’s First AI-Powered Lead Finder, CovertLeads AI

1. Manage All Your Lead Records In One Centralized Database

Keeping track of leads from multiple platforms can be challenging. ConvertLead simplifies this by allowing you to gather all your leads in one place. 

With over 3,000 integrations, you can seamlessly pull in leads from various sources. 

Once the leads are in the system, you can automatically assign them to specific salespeople, rotate lead assignments to distribute workload evenly and view the complete communication history with each lead. 

Additionally, timely email and SMS alerts keep you updated, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to follow up. 

This centralised approach makes lead management more efficient and organised.

2. Respond Faster And Convert More Leads

Quick response times are crucial for converting leads. ConvertLead helps you achieve this with push notifications and response time tracking. 

You’ll receive real-time alerts whenever a new lead comes in, allowing you to act immediately. 

You can also send email reminders or follow-ups directly from the platform. Desktop call integration lets you connect with leads right from your computer. 

The blind call feature instantly connects leads with your sales team, reducing response times and increasing the chances of closing deals. 

Push notifications keep your sales team proactive, and two-way text messaging helps build stronger relationships with customers by enabling ongoing conversations.

3. Create Automated Outreach Flows

Engaging leads effectively often requires multiple touchpoints. 

ConvertLead allows you to create automated outreach campaigns across various channels, including social media, webinars, Google Adwords, and opt-in forms. 

The platform supports integrations with Facebook, Zapier, Clickfunnels, and InstaPage, enabling you to reach your audience wherever they are most active. 

This multi-channel approach ensures comprehensive engagement, helping you connect with leads through their preferred channels and maximising your marketing efforts.

4. Each Call Is Recorded In The Cloud

Understanding and improving your sales interactions is vital. 

ConvertLead records all calls in the cloud, giving you valuable insights to enhance your sales process. 

These recordings help you improve lead qualification by identifying common questions and objections. 

You can ensure that your sales reps are addressing prospects’ needs effectively and following proper phone etiquette. 

Recorded calls also help confirm adherence to company procedures and scripts, ensuring consistent and professional interactions. 

Reviewing these calls allows sales reps to overcome objections and build confidence, ultimately leading to more successful sales outcomes.

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How Covert Leads Works

Setting up Covert Leads is straightforward and can be broken down into four simple steps:

1. Login to the Web-Based App

This is the easiest step of them all. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you’ll be able to access the app and get started.

2. Connect Domain and Autoresponder

This step takes just a few seconds. Covert Leads integrates via API with Sendiion and Aweber or with any autoresponder service via HTML form. 

Simply copy and paste the HTML opt-in form, and you’re good to go.

3. Choose and Customize Templates

Select from a variety of proven, built-in templates to create and customise your pop-up overlay campaigns. 

You can control when to show the pop-up, how to position it and tailor it to specific devices, countries, and pages.

4. Deploy Pop-Up Overlay

This exciting step means you’re ready to deploy your campaign. Copy the pop-up code and paste it onto the header section of your site. 

The best part is that the code will work for any website, whether it’s built on WordPress, Blogger, Square, ClickFunnels, or any other platform.

Don’t let competitors get ahead. Be the first to use AI that works tirelessly for you!

Benefits of Using Covert Leads

Find New Clients and Close More Deals in Under 60 Seconds with the World’s First AI-Powered Lead Finder, CovertLeads AI

Covert Leads offers a powerful solution for enhancing your lead generation and sales efforts. Here are the key benefits:

1. Increased conversion rates and higher engagement

The platform seamlessly integrates with various autoresponder services, allowing for automated follow-up sequences that nurture leads without additional manual effort. 

This consistent communication builds trust and keeps your brand top-of-mind, leading to higher conversion rates over time.

2. Automated follow-up and consistent communication

Real-world examples and case studies back the effectiveness of Covert Leads, showing significant increases in leads and sales. 

The tool provides valuable data-driven insights into your campaigns, helping you track performance and refine strategies for even better results.

3. Proven results with data-driven insights

Covert Leads offers extensive customisation options, allowing you to tailor pop-ups to fit your brand and campaign goals. 

Its versatility across platforms means it can integrate seamlessly with any website or page builder, enhancing your site regardless of your platform.

4. Wide range of customisation and platform versatility

The tool is designed for ease of use with a straightforward setup process, enabling you to create and deploy pop-up campaigns in minutes. 

This quick setup saves valuable time and offers a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for multiple lead magnets and extensive manual work.

5. Quick setup and cost-effective solution

Personalised and well-timed pop-ups improve the overall visitor experience on your site, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. 

Engaging pop-ups reduce bounce rates by capturing visitor attention before they leave your site, increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into leads or customers.

6. Enhanced visitor experience and reduced bounce rates

Covert Leads allows you to create targeted offers based on visitor behaviour, location, and other criteria. 

This ensures that the right offers are presented to the right audience, maximising sales opportunities. 

Additionally, the tool supports cross-selling and upselling by promoting additional products or services to visitors based on their interests, leading to increased average order values and higher overall sales.

Why wait? Start enjoying these benefits and more today!


Q. Does Covert Leads Work with WordPress Only?

A. No. We’ve built Covert Leads to work with ANY website CMS or ANY page builder that you use. 

As long as you can copy/paste our code into the header or footer area of your page, it’ll work for you.

Q. What kind of campaigns can I create with Covert Leads?

With Covert leads, you can truly maximise EVERY single website visitor that comes to your website. 

You can create exit pop-offers, instant newsletter-signup pop-ups, discount pop-ups, pop-ups for specific pages, pop-ups for specific countries, show a pop-up offer to visitors who browse your site for a specific amount of time and much much more. 

This tool is truly versatile so your visitors get MULTIPLE chances to buy your products and services.

Q. What Are The Upgrades/OTOs?

A. We were truly thinking about creating a full-funnel for Covert leads with 3-4 upgrades that allow you to unlock additional, advanced features, unlock more sites, more pop-ups, more templates, etc.

We could have easily limited this app in multiple different ways to be able to create a “funnel” for it.

However, we decided to just go directly to our bundle deal and throw in ALL of our features plus throw in UNLIMITED use of the ENTIRE platform AND offer it at a HUGE, Limited-time discount.

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